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The concept of using a sealer is to protect the substrate from abrasion and most predominantly in the case of a non toxic or less toxic sealers to lock-in the offgassing that the substrate emits. In the latter instance you will want a coating that creates a thin membrane finish (often invisible).

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CBR Products (Canadian Building & Restoration Products) manufactures, distributes and retails their BRODA ® selection of low VOC compliant coatings: wood stain finishes, acrylic finishes, polyurethane finishes and elastomeric paints (water-resistant paint), all sealer-type coatings

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BUY A HEALTHY SEALER to use when the substrate surface is exposed.  This non toxic coating creates a HARD membrane  which seals in toxins that would normally offgas and thus contribute adversely to (indoor) air quality.
MULTI-PURPOSE SEALER for use on Vinyl, porous tile, concrete, unfinished cabinetry and plastics.  Apply extra coatings to all edges and drill holes to ensure a continuous, strong membrane surface.

1 Quart .96 Litre
1 Gallon 3.78 Litres
5 Gallons / 18.9 Litres


BUY A HEALTHY SEALER to use when the surface is not exposed and other surfaces and coatings are adhered.  This non toxic coating creates a soft tacky membrane to minimize offgassing improve adhesion.
MULTI-USE LOW GLOSS SEALER for highly porous surfaces such as particle board, plywood, processed wood and porous concrete.  Remember to apply extra coatings to all edges and drill holes.

1 Quart .96 Litre
1 Gallon 3.78 Litres
5 Gallons / 18.9 Litres


BUY A HEALTHY SEALER which reacts with and becomes a part of the grout.
A moisture resistant SEALER for porous tile grout

1 Quart .96 Litre
1 Gallon 3.78 Litres
5 Gallons / 18.9 Litres

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Safe Living Technologies Inc. is an EMR Mitigation Specialist serving Canada and the USA.  Click here to buy EMF Meters.

RF Shielding paint can serve as a sealer to minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Learn more about EMR (RF and EMF fields) at Safe Living Technologies' website www.SLT.co.  Buy RF Shielding Paint in the USA and in Canada.


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